Swans Diva 6.3R

Swans Diva 6.3R
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"Diva" - meaning well-known opera singers' wonderful sound; as the Swans the most famous products "Diva" for up to 10 years in the same time to bring the best music that touched many users. In Las Vegas, CES 2000 show, Swans Diva series has just been published to win that year's Exception Value Award (Special Value Award.) The following year in New York Home Entertainment 2001 (2001 The Family Entertainment Audio Show), Dolby Home Theater System in United States use Hivi Diva 5.1HT in exhibition room, the only elected speaker system demonstration to show their latest Dolby Digital surround sound technology, won acclaim all over the court. From then Diva from the "Hivi" became an international speaker series on one of the most joy, it receives numerous awards in ten years and is highly regarded worldwide acclaim.

 2010, the Swans officially launched "Diva" series of the third generation of products - Diva 6.3HT, which is a combination of a 10-year Audio Engineering essence. Diva 6.3HT is formed by the front main channel speaker Diva 6.3F, front center channel speaker Diva 6.3C and the rear surround speakers Diva6.3R, and the other optional Swans top active subwoofer Sub10-D. Swans Diva 6.3HT adops imported luxury rosewood leather exterior of good quality, with the upper and lower panel piano finished, to make it smooth and straight, shiny. Diva's unique patented parabolic shape of box section design, high-density board with the new technology to strengthen the box matrix strength has been greatly enhanced, to minimize the energy of the standing wave within the tank, so that the sound is extremely pure and natural.

Diva 6.3HT used in all the top speakers of Hivi, the main box Diva 6.3F equipped with two 6.5-inch unit, in which is a professional midrange and bass speaker unit, ultra-light diaphragm of all-black high-strength Kevlar fiber, which IF composite materials to make a more natural and accurate midrange. One subwoofer unit, using high-strength composite materials, with soft, long-stroke fatigue-resistant rubber diaphragm surrounded that can absorb excess vibration energy; internal high-centering of the support piece along with excellent damping characteristics and dynamic stability; Shielded magnetic system and long stroke linear displacement technology to provide a more powerful bass output and transient characteristics, to ensure vibration of the diaphragm in high-power linear . Unique magnetic system and a large magnet drive unit make it powerful and very flexible and low-frequency fast.

Swans Diva's remarkable tweeter dome of Germany's top natural diaphragm, and the application of the Hivi's time / phase correction technology to eliminate the reflection interference from the edge of the box, to increase the voice clarity, to improve the exact location of audio-visual system, known as the most pure and natural sound.

The new Diva 6.3HT born for perfect player of full range signal, it sounds like its appearance, sounds crystal clear, exhaustive details of the performance, free and easy lively bass frequency with stirring; the overall performance of delicate voice, The full sense of sound density, when playing beautiful Hi-Fi music also give the next generation high-definition audio more shocking, music appreciation and film entertainment to achieve perfect integration.




General Data
Series HiVi Hometheater Series
Model Diva 6.3R
System Type bi-di-pole
Drivers Configuration Woofer: 5" Professional Woofer×2 
Tweeter:1.1" Dome Tweeter×2
Harmonic Distortion 75Hz ~ 20kHz ≤1%(2.83V/1m)
Frequency Range 60Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity 88dB
Nominal Impedance
Power Handling 10 ~ 120W
Other Parameter
Finished Black piano lacquer finish over luxury pailsander
Dimension (W×H×D) 186×440×264
Net Weight 7.5kg