Swans Diva 6.0

Swans Diva 6.0
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Swans "Diva" series of home theater is one of the most popular international speaker series. It received numerous awards and global praise in 10 years; the Diva series of high-fidelity bookshelf speaker is even award-winning. Swans Diva 2.1 in Europe's most prestigious Hi-fi magazine Audio magazine's evaluation for nine of the annual bookshelf boxs which are also very famous won the first place, full demonstrate Swans Diva 2.1's strong competitive edge. Swans which is leading to the technical strength and Hi-end quality products in the international electro-acoustic world once again won the respect; Swans did not stop before the honor and glory, after years of painstaking debugging, the latest Diva Series bookshelf box Diva 6.0 was born.

 The structure of Diva 6.0 is divided by 2, configuration of the Swans top speaker unit. Treble by world-renowned TN28 Swan unit, this tweeter is with Germany's top natural fiber cone, flat frequency response, high frequency up to 20kHz or more, sound sweet and delicate. And it used United States liquid magnetism cooling and high temperature endure aluminum alloy frame and copper clad aluminum wire voice coil with high power capacity, a unique chamber design, after the strong absorption, reducing the nonlinear distortion near the resonant frequency.

Swans Diva 6.0 use the new R & D L6 as the bass unit in woofer configuration aspects, this unit is 6.5-inch large-diameter design, with the central phase plug design. Diaphragm using ultra-light high-strength Kevlar fiber composite materials for a natural and accurate sound, with very soft, long-stroke fatigue-resistant rubber diaphragm surround that can absorb excess shock energy; unique magnetic system and a large magnet drive unit, fast Powerful and very flexible low-frequency, easy to reach below 40Hz frequency response the speed of transient response, low frequency texture and measures are to achieve Swans Diva 6.0 bookshelf speakers to a new level.

Diva 6.0 has a good balance, smooth frequency distribution, which was used as the basis for leading high-fidelity speakers. The overall sound smooth and natural, with very good location and ability to restore the rich detail. As a result of the famous TN28 Swan unit, high frequency gorgeous and moving, has a very good sense of clarity and elegant, looked quite lively, it is the kind of delicate and speedy modern sound. Among the sound field created by Swans Diva 6.0, the precise point, structured and full-band sound imaging and excellent performance, the real presence reproduce in the ear.




General Data
Series High Fidelity Speakers
Model Diva 6.0
System Type 2-way 4th order vented box system
Drivers Configuration 6.5" Professional Woofer
1.1" Dome Tweeter
Frequency Range 40Hz ~ 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion 65Hz ~ 20kHz ≤1%(2.83V/1m)
Sensitivity 88dB
Nominal Impedance
Power Handling 10 ~ 120W
Other Parameter
Finished Black piano lacquer finish over luxury pailsander
Dimension (W×H×D) 294×386×356
Net Weight 11.5kg