Swans Sub-10D

Swans Sub-10D
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HiVi SUB10D is a new high-level subwoofer designed to match Diva series speakers with matching design and finish. The speaker adopts luxurious piano lacquer panels and a curved cabinet design that effectively restrains standing waves.

Each SUB10D is equipped with a ultra-long stroke 250 mm (10”) woofer, the drivers cone is made of a densely pressed mixture of paper pulp and Kevlar ®. The woofer’s cone is extremely dense and rigid, able to withstand great physical force and internal pressure. The cone is able to easily compress and move larger volumes of air and can handle a greater dynamic. SUB10D adopts a sealed cabinet design with a impressive low-frequency transient response giving extremely low bass while maintaining punch and definition.

The built-in 150W amplifier combined with its powerful woofer can drive a large amount of air while maintaining precise low frequency output and control. The subwoofer's operating frequency is 25Hz-200Hz, with an adjustable low pass frequency of 40Hz-180Hz, 0 / 180 phase switch, and with music and video modes, allowing users to adjust settings to suit the subwoofers environment and give more satisfactory results.

HiVi SUB10D has a solid structure which can produce soul-stirring bass, solid drumbeats, and robust cinematic effects. The bass’s precision, thickness, and impact is enhanced while ensuring the lowest distortion. If you are looking to enhance your theater system with earth-shaking cinematic effects, HiVi’s Sub10D is up to the task.





General Data
System Type Powered 1-way sealed box system
Drivers Configuration Woofer:10"
Frequency Range 25Hz-200Hz(NORMAL)
Sensitivity 85dB(2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance
Rated Power 150W
Signal-to-Noise >90dB
Input sensitivity 200mV
Input impedance 47kΩ
Other Parameter
Finished Wood venner cabinets with black piano lacquer panel
Dimension (W×H×D) 368×338×334
Net Weight 19.1kg